5 things I hate with friendship

It’s never too hard to have acquaintances, but to have great and true friends are quite difficult especially if you have already built the so-called “trust issues”.

Having connection and building rapport with people you met personally – or even virtually – can be a great boost to your personality and development since you have someone to rely on or share your experiences with.

However, here are some of the things I hate with friendship:

1. Always late. You agreed and set the time at 3PM for your get-together and meet-up. They arrived at 6PM. Worse, they will not meet you instead. Amazing. And take note, they are the one who’ll be mad. What a concept.

2. Protagonist, protagonist. Well of course, it is not a new thing that some of your friends always want to have everyone’s attention or to be the star of the night. They are sometimes the “bossy” type of person within the group.

3. Money is just a piece of paper. You might have friends who treat money as their valuable resource to slap friends’ faces with reality — and to control them. I know you know what I mean.

4. Parasitic invasion. If you have friends who are rich, there will always be a counterpart. Some of them are “supported” by the group to a number of factors without making an adequate return. Opportunists. Their favorite quote will be “use your friends wisely!”

5. Envious attack. In some cases, you have friends that are undeniably envious with most of your achievements. They might not say it directly to you, but you can feel it. For “research” and “investigative” purposes, try looking at their other social media platforms posts.

So the question is, which one are you?


Show your heart some love

February is the heart month!

Its 14th day is one of the special dates of the year — especially for couples — to show their admiration and appreciation to people they give importance through exchanging letters or chocolates and even having fancy dates and exorbitant gifts. That way, one might be able to display his affection to the person whom he care about.

But, February is not all about thinking your partner. It is also a great time to check yourself, have an assessment to your being if you are taking the right path. It is not all about giving your love to others; it is also about giving importance to your own heart.

Here’s how to show your heart some true love:

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA) released an entertaining and vibrant healthy lifestyle campaign on 2015 entitled “Let’s Do 52100 Daily” which is a movement that is still applicable even up to this day in order to reduce the danger of heart disease.

Also, PHA uploaded a “5-minute to a healthy heart” video that could be played during patient gatherings or health-related events. Watch it here:

In addition to the 52100 campaign, the following factors may also help in the prevention of heart disease.

1. Knowing your numbers. Ask your doctor about your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

2. Reducing your sodium intake. Use low sodium, heart-healthy recipes.

3. Setting your nutrition goals.

Heart conditions are very serious. It should never be ignored. Eat right. Watch less. Move more. Always have your hearts checked. These small lifestyle changes can help prevent the risk of this killer condition.

Help Save A Life With ManilaMed’s Blood Donation Activity

As part of the National Heart Month, ManilaMed will be having a FREE Blood Donation and BP Check-up on February 12, 2018 from 8:00AM onwards.

Aside from proven heart benefits, here are some other things you should know when donating blood:

1. It helps prevent heart and liver ailments caused by iron overload

2. Aids in weight loss of donors

3. Lowers risk of Hemochromatosis

4. Boosts production of new blood cells and promotes good health

ManilaMed, being true to its brand promise, “Only our best, to make you feel better,” this is a good way to promote good health. Aside from having a healthy heart, you also help in giving hopes and saving lives.

See poster for details.

Let’s go pink!

Everything turns pink at ManilaMed as it continuously spreads awareness and takes the chance in remembering all the survivors and fighters of one of the top health concern of women known to time — Breast Cancer.

The Philippine Society of Medical Oncology mentioned that the Philippines has been identified having the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia that 1 in every 13 Filipinas ages 35 to 54 gets afflicted with the disease and is expected to develop it in her lifetime. Yet, most still choose not to get tested and checked for they are impeded with the fear of finding out that they might be actually sick and needed to undergo a series of treatment which costs thousands of peso.

Taking it to consideration, breast cancer is almost exclusively a women’s disease. It is extremely alarming that there were reports of cancer instances even in men. With only few indicators and known risk factors, the only defense against breast cancer is prevention through regular screening, early detection and expert’s advice.

ManilaMed, being vocal about the campaign, conducted an event held on October last year, where doctors of different specializations– Surgery, Oncology, etc — were invited, as well as the patients diagnosed with the disease, both sharing their knowledge and experiences with Breast Cancer.

Being an advocate to reaching more Filipinas about the condition, ManilaMed, through the Center for Women’s Health and the Cancer Care Center also offered a 20% discount on breast screening procedures such as Bilateral Screening Mammogram, Bilateral Screening Sonomammogram, and Combined Mammogram and Sonomammogram during that month last year.

This 2018, tune up to ManilaMed’s Facebook page and be updated regarding its upcoming promos and discounts.

It’s never too late to get tested. Have yourself and your loved ones checked. Visit ManilaMed or call (02) 523 8131 to know more about our services.

Raise Awareness. Reduce Stigma. Educate.

In support of the Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week, the Junior Chamber International – Manila (JCI Manila), together with Center for Related Disorders (CARD) headed an event entitled “Golden Heart Autism Awareness Fair” at the Robinson’s Place Manila Midtown Atrium last January 28, 2018 targeting individuals with Autism, their families, loved ones and care givers.


Medical Center Manila, known today as ManilaMed, and its Child Development Enrichment Center (CDEC) also supported the activity to help raise awareness, reduce stigma and educate people regarding the developmental condition characterized by challenges with behavior, social skills, speech and non-verbal communication, including one’s strengths and differences.

Dra. Cecilia Acuin, Dr. Alexis Reyes and ManilaMed’s very own Dra. Rita Villadolid also joined the meaningful event, sharing their insights regarding Autism and its nature.

According to them, parents usually notice the signs of Autism in their children from its first two or three years. However, most prefer not to let their siblings checked because of lack of knowledge, competitive assessment fees and many other factors.


Though signs often develop gradually, parents are still encouraged to have their children undergo medical consultation earlier especially if they inhibit early indications of the condition.

ManilaMed’s Child Development Enrichment Center (CDEC) provides holistic care and treatment for children with developmental needs such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy. Bring your referral letter and prepare the following if available:

  1. Baby book
  2. Medical Records/Clinical Abstracts
  3. Laboratory test results
  4. School report cards
  5. Previous therapy reports

CDEC is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. You may also reach the center through childdev@manilamed.com.ph or at (02) 523 81 31 local 7795 and 7796.


Autism Awareness Fair

ManilaMed partners with JCI Manila together with the Center for Related Disorders (CARD) on this event called “Golden Heart Autism Awareness Fair”.

Join us for a fun afternoon with beautiful, talented, and lovable people with autism and their families!

Raise awareness, reduce stigma, and educate society as we #FeelBetter at this event.

1:00-5:00 PM

Show us your support. See you there!